#TheSILKLetter 6.16.2015

Good morning, #SILKFam!

This is just an expression of gratitude. We’re not gonna get too mushy on you but… IT HAD TO BE YOU! We can’t thank you enough, Silk Fam, for your love and support throughout the years. We are also very grateful for how you guys have been reaching out through social media. You’re spreading the word, you’re praying for our safe travels and you’re posting your favorite #SILK moments from the road! We love that! You are truly family to us.

We have a few completed projects to be on the look out for. We ask for your continued prayers of blessings and your continued support in spreading #SilkWorld around the web. God bless you!

Keep it silky,

P.S. Check back soon for updates on the new mailing list and concert schedule.

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